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Project Description

Originally I was hired by msnbc.com to work on the transition of msnbc.com to NBCNews.com. This was an epic job opportunity, and I jumped in with both feet.

During my time here, I helped craft the entire editorial interface, the place where the news gets made and sent on it’s way to be displayed on the web, in your phone, on the Roku, anywhere it ends up.

After conquering NBCNews.com’s back-end, we moved on to do the exact same thing with Today.com

Project Details

Client NBCNews.com
Date 11/2014
Skills Drupal, Back-end, Lead, Training
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A Common Core

One of the biggest things that I had the opportunity to participate in while at NBCNews.com was the creation of a common base profile that would be used for other Comcast properties, such as Today.com.

This part of the project entailed carving the parts out of Drupal that would be common to all Comcast web properties, such as the structure of news articles, or image metadata, and putting those things into a profile that would allow future developers to easily launch a new site.

This was made easier because of the headless nature of our Drupal sites.

Headless Drupal

One of the most interesting parts about working on the NBCNews.com site is the fact that the site that you enter news into isn’t the same site that displays that news. NBCNews.com utilizes Drupal for content entry, but uses Javascript to render the final website.

This also allows NBCNews.com to shuffle the content around any way they like before outputting it. It also allows for distribution of the content to any type of device, but all entered in one familiar environment.

Enter once, use everywhere!

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