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Lately I have been playing around with my old Nikon D70 with it's "nifty 50" 50mm f1.8 lens. It's been refreshing to see that this old camera that I thought was just not good enough, can produce better results than I had ever gotten it to produce in the past.  It compares against my new Olympus OM-D E-M5 pretty well! For example the following image was taken just the other day with the D70:




And this is one take a short while ago with the Olympus:

Z in the light.


Obviously the color rendition is different and the detail is somewhat higher (16 megapixel vs 6.1 megapixel) but you can't deny the old Nikon can pull off a good shot under good conditions. 

Now, if there were only an APS-C Nikon with a "nifty 50" that had the 5 axis stabilization of the Oly, and was the same nice small size and weight, well, I would have another new camera :)

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I was not able to find a quick way to figure out what the field size (in the content dialog known as "Size of textfield") so I wrote up a little drush script to tell me what they all are.

* Get the sizes of all text fields. Drush script, run with "drush php-script filename"
$result = db_query('select field_name,data from field_config_instance;');
foreach (
$result as $record) {
// The size of a text field is hidden away in this serialized data blob.
$data = unserialize($record->data);
  if (isset(
$data['widget']['settings']['size'])) {
$record->field_name . ": ";
'Size: ' . $data['widget']['settings']['size'] . PHP_EOL;

As it says in the description, this is a script you run from your terminal, and only if you have drush installed. To use it, cd to your site directory, spackle the above code into a file in the root of the site, call it something like get_all_the_sizes.php, and then run it with the following command:

drush php-script get_all_the_sizes

It will then output some niftyness into your shell that looks like this:

field_global_authorizer: Size: 60
field_global_school: Size: 60
field_authorizer_renewal_time: Size: 60
field_authorizer_review_period: Size: 60
field_authorizer_type: Size: 60
field_global_operator: Size: 60
field_school_additional_info: Size: 60
field_school_grades: Size: 60
field_source_value: Size: 60
field_school_nces_id: Size: 60
field_authorizer_charter_length: Size: 60
field_authorizer_charter_length2: Size: 60
field_school_status: Size: 60


Seattle Met!

23 Sep 2012
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A couple of my photos were published in this most recent issue (October 2012) of the Seattle Met magazine, one of them (pictured) was a full page spread behind the table of contents, awesome!

Great issue as well, found some very cool places I would like to visit in this issue.

This photo is part of a larg-ish set of Port Townsend photos.


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Well, it was an awefully nice feeling having my photo reproduced 1.8 million times today.


A little background, I submitted 4 of my photos to the USA Today Weather Gallery, and a day later, the editor of the Weather Page (print edition) sent me an email asking if I wouldn't mind if they published one or two of my photos.  I said sure, and here you go, Port Townsend, Washington's stormy morning is all over the nation!

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A while back when I ran my studio in Boise, I had this domain for running my business as well as publishing a blog. Since I stopped doing photography for my primary business, I had also disabled the site I had at this url.

Anyhow, long story short, I never got rid of my domain, and it's now a perfect place to toss up my favorite shots from each of my photo safaris, and to post a bit more info about them than I could on flickr or my portfolio. Let's start off with one right now!

This one is called Stumped:

I was out shooting an awesome sunrise morning, and had just found this stump with the awesome pastel colors overhead, I had to settle down and get the shot.

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Just in case you are like me and find yourself wanting to change the title of a view programmatically, and can't figure out how, the (somewhat unintuitive) way is to hit the build_info, so you do this in your module:

function hook_views_pre_render(&$view) {
// Some code to make sure you are changing the right title, say an if statement perhaps!
$view->build_info['title'] = t('Your Brand New Title!');

Soon this will not be necessary, as there will be a much easier method for accomplishing this included in Views sometime in the near future.

function hook_views_pre_render(&$view) {
// Some code to make sure you are changing the right title, say an if statement perhaps!
$view->set_title('Fancy New Title');

Hope this helps!

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Thanks to the help of a fellow cr-48 hacker's instructions, I have successfully gotten the nice editor, a decent POSIX based text editor running on the bash shell on my cr-48 Chrome Notebook.

To get the same going on yours, you need to do the following:

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I have read quite a few things about the Google Chrome OS notebook, the cr-48, from people decrying that you can't get to files, etc. That's not entirely true.

Two ways that I know of are to enable developer mode by peeling back the sticker by the battery connection in the battery compartment, and switching that little switch toward the connector, then turning on the notebook, at the funky notebook-face graphic you hit CTRL-d and wait 5 minutes. Then after you have logged back in and re-synced, you can access a shell.

To do that, all you need to do is press CTRL-ALT-t. Then you are in the chrosh shell, which I can't find much use for, so I just type "shell" to get to a regular bash shell. At this point you are in a light-weight Linux.

Now, using regular 'ix commands, we can create a directory where we can use it, copy your files into it, and do what you will from there.

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I have had an itch since getting my G1 some time ago, and that was to have a better way to view air quality information on my phone. There just wasn't a way to do it. So, I scratched my own itch, and created Air Quality, an Android app that will show you current particulate and ozone levels, and by clicking on the city you have chosen, will show you's forecast for that city.

I am going to charge for this app so that I can get enough dollars from it to cover the Apple developer license, at which point I will release it for iOS devices.

You can find this app in the Android Market under "Applications -> Health" or by searching the market for "Air Quality" - it's the one published by my company, 33rd Prime.

Air Quality splash

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After climbing a few rungs of the Java+Android SDK ladder trying to make my own apps, and partially succeeding, I begin to look around to see if there was a better/easier to grok way to make Android apps. I found the Appcelerator Titanium project, and had a big-ole wootfest!

Sadly however, I was soon to have the unfortunate experience of trying to get this pretty flakey thing to work.

Starting from an environment where I had already produced working code and gotten it from my computer onto both my phone and an emulator using the Eclipse IDE, I thought I would be 10 steps ahead. Nope. I met with many many errors such as the very much not helpful:

“Project creation error: Error creating project. Please try again.”

and the marvelously not helpful:

“[ERROR] Failed installing com.example.hello: pkg: /data/local/tmp/app.apk”

or the entirely show-stopping “Loading” + “Loading” display on SDK: and Screen: