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Hi, I'm Pat!

Hi, I'm Pat!

Developer, family guy, photographer, gamer.

On the topic of work, you can check out the companies I have worked with to the right, and view projects I have been a part of on the projects page.

Outside of work, I enjoy hiking, photography, playing with my kids, and occasionally I like to play a game or two.

If you would like to catch me on some of the social networks, you can click the links below.

For those of you who know me for my photography, you can find me on flickr, or 500px.

Recent Work Experience

US Forest Service / PowTec

Forest Service LogoCurrently I am working with PowTec to help the US Forest Service Department of the CIO to make a base Drupal installation that all Forest Service sites can be based upon. This will allow the Forest Service to have a degree of consistency as of yet not realized, as well as a solid base that is much easier to implement and support. This base is also improving the accessibility, responsiveness, and overall style of the sites that use it. /

nbc-newsMy role as Software Development Engineer II for NBC Universal / Comcast was to help with the move of the entire editorial environment for (formerly to Drupal. This is the area that the editors of the news service entered all the news that ends up on the website.

This was a particularly interesting position, as this system was a headless Drupal instance, integrating with many technologies.

After completing the site, we moved on to making the same thing happen to Awesome!


lullabot-logoTeaming up with Lullabot was a very interesting gig. The first project I was able to work on with them was the Grammy’s, though mostly I was working with technical folks at, but anytime I spoke up, the folks at Lullabot were right there!

After that initial foray into deep waters, I was contracted to implement the front-end development of their training site, Lullabot is one of the best Drupal agencies out there!

Forum One

forum-one-squarelogo-1438953231489I worked with Forum One as a Senior Developer doing Drupal and mobile development. A few of the more recent projects for them are listed here.

CS10K Community: Working as the Technical Lead we developed a Drupal Gardens community site connecting computer science teachers. As they put it: “the CS10K project, seeks to have 10,000 well-trained computer science teachers in 10,000 high schools across the United States.” The development of the site is being sponsored by the National Science Foundation. Some things of note:

  • Integrated with the Piazza collaboration service using a custom OAuth setup.
  • Site:

County Health Rankings & Roadmaps: Worked as the Senior Developer for the Drupal 6 site, and participated in helping move the Drupal 6 site to Drupal 7.

  • A great write-up about the project and it’s impact:
  • Site:

palantir_logo_vertical I worked with Palantir as a Senior Developer doing Drupal and mobile development. Drupal Projects

Riot Games League of Legends development timeline: A very JS and CSS heavy visual timeline implementation, with custom module work on the back end done by Dave Reid and myself, and most of the front end work done by me.

League of Legends Dreamhack 2011 video and photo galleries: A fairly complicated Ajax gallery for displaying videos and a navigable gallery of videos for this site, as well as doing the theming for the page, and modal pop up players using the same dev team setup as above.

Other Drupal projects: I was a team member on several projects, including,,,,,,,, and others. Mobile Projects

DrupalCon Chicago mobile app: The design work was done by Jen Simmons, Larry Garfield took care of leading the project and doing most of the database work, with me being the developer for all the rest.

LaDolce DC Mobile: A very interesting mobile site, based on Drupal, heavily dependent upon locations services. I was the primary developer.

Commerce Guys

commerceguysI was employee #3 at Commerce Guys, back when they hadn’t merged with the French company AF83.

Lady Antebellum: Commerce Guys did a full site build for this award-winning country band, in which I did extensive theming and front-end work. Unfortunately they have since updated their brand and their site to reflect the new brand image.

Protein Mixer: A very interesting project involving large amounts of fairly instantaneous computation tied to a very custom UI. I developed a couple of custom modules, and quite a bit of JS.

Outside of this work, I developed a logo idea for the Drupal Commerce project, worked on the Commerce Guys website, and tried very hard to learn everything I could from the massively knowledgeable Mike O’Connor. Contributions

Since finding Drupal nearly 12 years ago, I have continued to be an active member and contributor of advice, bug reports and patches, and code contributions. Visit my profile for more information.

Drupal Modules

I have created or contributed to a number of Drupal modules. Modules are applications that work within the Drupal content management system to provide additional functionality to the core Drupal system.

Create HTML5 elements per field! I created the initial draft of this module and handed it off to who kept it running strong. It is now one of the more popular modules in Drupal.


Fences Project Page

Count how many people have +1 or Liked. I wrote this module for Palantir for the Martin Luther King Jr. Center.


Share Count Project Page

A module to encrypt user passwords. Sponsored by Townsend Security.


Encrypt Password Project Page

A module that provides key management for API and other security keys. Sponsored by Townsend Security. Interestingly this module has become the basis for a new company’s offering: Lockr.


Key Project Page

Drupal Themes

Originally my focus in Drupal was the application of design to the front-end portions of Drupal, which is known as “Theming”. I had created a couple of Drupal themes, listed below. These are fairly old, as recent theming work is done mostly as an extra layer on top of what are known as “base themes”.

A clean, standards compliant Drupal 7 blogging theme.


Pockett Project Page

A great Drupal 6 theme with collapsable regions.


Refresco Project Page