Code editing on the Google Chrome Notebook (cr-48)

18 Dec 2010

Posted by CrashTest_

Thanks to the help of a fellow cr-48 hacker's instructions, I have successfully gotten the nice editor, a decent POSIX based text editor running on the bash shell on my cr-48 Chrome Notebook.

To get the same going on yours, you need to do the following:

  • Get your cr-48 into developer mode
  • Follow my fellow cr-48 hacker's instructions
  • Create /usr/local/bin and /usr/local/lib directories
  • Find yourself a nice Ubuntu machine, hopefully running 10.04
  • On the Ubuntu machine, install "ne" (sudo apt-get install ne)
  • type the following in a terminal: cd /usr/bin; ldd ne
  • ldd will show you a list of dependencies for ne, not many
  • On your cr-48, check your /lib directory to see which files from the ldd are already there
  • Get a thumb drive, and copy your binary (/usr/bin/ne) and your library files mentioned above onto it from the Ubuntu machine
  • Take the thumb drive to your cr-48, plug it in, open the shell (CTRL-t then type shell and HULK SMASH the Enter key)
  • cd /media/ and type ls. Your thumb drive is probably whatever shows up, if you see one that has an "_" underscore, that is probably the right one, and you probably aren't unmounting your thumbdrive correctly :)
  • Copy your files off of your thumb drive, binary "ne" file into /usr/local/bin, and library files (which is everything else) into /usr/local/lib
  • Rejoice rejoice and there was much rejoicing!

A couple of things to keep in mind. When you do this, your cr-48 will probably stop auto-updating, according to the word on the street, and also, if you actually power down, you will probably need to run the last to remounts commands from the other cr-48 blog I linked above to be able to put any new binaries on your system.

I have tried a couple of other files, with mixed results:

  • vim, vim.tiny - didn't work, library dependency issues, possibly because I was running 10.10 on my Ubuntu box.
  • zip, unzip - worked! No problems at all, didn't need to copy dependencies either, not a one.
  • irssi - didn't work, because I didn't port perl and it's dependencies, which seemed like it would possibly take longer than I wanted to spend tonight.

    Have fun, keep hacking your awesome little cr-48's!



Hi there! Good work! I've updated my blog to link to your post. I think the sane route to take here, is to port a package manager instead of hand copying the binaries, libs, and config files.

Oh, by the way, ChromeOS comes with ssh/scp, so you can easily download any files to your cr-48 from your Ubuntu box.

Hi I've started the apt-get project

Please check it out!