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Project Description

My good friend (and awesome designer) Danny McNerney contacted me to ask if I could offer some assistance with a local college that needed more than a WordPress site, and needed to have something more flexible than the Sitepoint solution that was being offered to them.

The requirements were that we have three different web properties but all three needed to be administered in a common place, the we do better on time and budget than SitePoint people had offered, and that I help Danny and the project owner understand how to use the site.

For this project I took Danny’s existing design, and using that, created a detailed estimation of the project with assumptions so that the project owner had a good idea of budget and timeline. The customer was blown away by the level of detail and budget.

We got this project done in good time and under budget. Happy customer as usual!

Project Details

Client Peninsula College
Date 7/2012
Skills Estimation, Drupal, PM, Back-end, Front-end

Start Right - End Right

The secret to the success to this project was working through the expectations and details before we got started. The institution needed the project to be completed within a very specific budget, and by using a very detailed estimation tool, I was able to work with the customer to get the project inline with the budget.

Every view, field, and menu item was considered, for all three sites. Proper prior planning provides Pencol pretty perfect performance!


Multiple Domains

This site required having three different distinct properties, one for the school’s main site, one for their athletics department, and one for the non-profit foundation.

To answer this need, I utilized the “Domains” contributed module. This module allows for different theme, different menu, different content, to be aimed at each domain or sub-domain you setup, while all being administered from one place.


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