Hello world! Hah! Actual news within…

Hello, World

As is the norm for a WordPress installation, there is always the venerable “Hello World!” post that the system produces. Often this is as far as some sites ever get to actually posting a blog post.

Though I may be guilty of posting blog posts without any kind of regularity on previous websites, this site will have blog posts that are timely to the events or issues of the day. So, it will not be regular, nor will it likely be often that I post, but when I do, it will probably be something that is at least marginally important at the time.

Currently, the big news is obviously this site. I had come to the conclusion that my freelance business need not ever be bigger than me, that I actually enjoy the size of me plus a few of my good friends whom I rely upon occasionally to do the things I don’t do very well, like graphic design.

My conclusion is that I don’t need to be a bigger company. I don’t wish to be one either. I enjoy my lower stress, not heart attack or stroke inducing lifestyle, and thus, I have bid goodbye to 33rdPrime.com as my main business site.

Friends who have known me in the photographic world may wonder what has happened to this site, as it used to be my photo-centric place. Don’t worry! It will be again. Soon, I will have a photography sub-domain on this site. When I do, I will post all over about it, so everyone will know.

For my Drupal friends who are wondering why I am firing up my website as a WordPress installation, I will say this, I use the right tool for the job, and after building my wife’s site on WordPress very recently, I can say that it is definitely the right type of tool for this job.

I build Drupal all day long, every day, and I will wholeheartedly promote Drupal for many many purposes, but for a smaller site where you need out of the box functionality and blogging, and not so much needing the extreme flexibility of Drupal? For that I will turn to WordPress and the Divi theme. What a great tool!

That about it for now, stay tuned for the photography site.

If anyone has trouble commenting, as I am trying out something new (and I am testing LIVE!!! like a true professional) please let me know on twitter or via my contact form here on this site. I know that works 🙂